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It's all about balancing Toys!

It's all about balancing Toys!

Balancing Toys

This week it is all about movement and balance!

Here are our 5 favourite gravity defying toys for you and your little ones to explore!

Two of our top store rockers are the Wooden Kinder Board and the Teeter Popper!

Children will  rock it, roll it, sit on it or stand. It’s wildly fun, arouses curiosity, stimulates senses, engages imagination and encourages creativity!

  • The Teeter Popper!

The Teeter Popper is made of durable plastic with suction cups on the bottom, the balancing board sticks to the floor as your little one rocks back and forth, its like popping bubble wrap but so much more fun!

Teeter Popper Balancing Toy

  • The Kinder Wooden Balancing Board

This is a beautifully made and more eco friendly simple version of a balancing rocker, children can use it on either side.

Wooden kinder balancing board

Wooden balance board

  • Balance Feet

Then we have the Lady bugs Balance feet and our wooden monster claw walking stilts! Lots of fun and great for learning those important gross motor skills. Can be used indoors or in the garden

lady bugs balance feet

  • Slacklines!

Lastly but definitely not least is our Slackline for the ultimate balancing activity for ages 5 years to adults to explore and play! The slackline can be used at home or take to the park for the whole family and friends to enjoy! I have even seen one tied over a pool!



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