Juggling Club - PX3 SIRIUS WRAPPED


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One of the most popular models of juggling club in the world.

Whether you are a beginner or professional these clubs will keep you playing! Quality construction provides a more enjoyable and successful experience than using lesser equipment.

Flexible dowel, thin wrapped handle and SIRIUS short body offered in the most classic color combinations. Recommended for street performing and hardcore training. 

  • Length - Overall 52 cm - Body 26 cm - Handle 24 cm
  • Weight - 220 gr

Juggling isnt just GREAT FUN, its also sooo good for your brain and motor skills!

Juggling is great for brain development, it encourages your hand-eye coordination skills, improves your reaction time, balance, spatial awareness, strategic thinking, great for concentration and makes you HAPPY!!!

Earth Toys is the proud supplier of Juggling equipment in Cairns North QLD, Australia
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