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 In a world dazzled by the latest gadgets and mesmerized by Internet videos, the humble book seems like the most ordinary thing that could be.

And perhaps it is-until you learn to look closer ... and closer ... and closer ... and you're suddenly in a world that only you can imagine. With soft, warm storytelling and stunning, whimsical illustrations, Book embarks the reader on an imaginative journey through the literary lands of fact and fiction, a world where passwords, viruses, and broken screens can't stop a young boy's earnest quest for truth. Join in this celebration of literature, scrape the skies of opportunity, traverse the forests of what-could-be, free the powers of knowledge, and discover once again why the humble book is anything but ordinary.

  • Publisher: PAN MACMILLAN
  • Author: Miles, David & Hoopes, Natalie
  • Hardback
  • Publish Date: 1/08/201
  • Page Count: 32