DRS Solo Expert Unicycle


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There’s nothing like the feeling of riding a unicycle!

With the standards in build quality and design being constantly forged ahead by DRS Unicycles, it is hard to find a better value unicycle than these on the market, no matter what standard of rider you are.


  • Durable hi tensile steel frame
  • Steel contour cranks
  • Quick release seat clamp
  • Sealed bearing hub
  • Resin platform pedals
  • Comfortable saddle with built in scuff guards
  • 22.2mmseat post diameter
  • Available in sizes: 16" , 20", 24"
  • Available in colours: Chrome, Black, White, Red, Blue, Purple & Lime

 What size is best for me?

It really depends on your leg length. The 20" wheel is suitable for most people from teenagers through to adults and is the most common size. Young children or very short people should use a 16" and very tall adults should use 24". Keep in mind that the bigger wheel  of a 24" will be harder to ride and is not suitable for beginners.

If you measure from heel to groin of your leg you can get a good idea which size you should choose.

You can use this as a rough guide to select the wheel size from your inside leg length.

  • 16" : 55cm-65cm 
  • 20" : 65cm-85cm
  • 24" : 80cm-100cm

*Subject to availabitlity