Dynamo Circuit Board Science Kit


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With this inspirational Dynamo Circuit Board, you can learn how electricity is generated by a dynamo, and how a circuit is connected. What a great gift for budding electricians as they explore the power of green and clean energy!

With your kit, you can assemble a dynamo racer, a light-up robot, a helicopter and a propeller racer with absolutely no batteries required! There are 6 educational projects in total that you can make using a hand-generated dynamo motor!

All the parts you need to assemble these creations are included in this kit, however you may also require some common household items such as some string, a clean plastic bottle, some sticky tape and a cross-head screwdriver.

Contains: Dynamo Generator, circuit board platform, wheels, propeller, LED light, motor, screws and wires with detailed instructions and fun facts!

  • No batteries required.
  • Recommended for ages 8 and up.