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Fire Rope Dart


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The first written description of a rope dart is dated from the Tang Dynasty of china (618 - 907AD) rope dart is becoming more and more popular and used in the object manipulation scene.
The rope dart is simple to learn the basics of, yet could take a lifetime to master. The base moves consist of wrapping, spinning, shooting & retrieval movements. Very visually dynamic as it can achieve short & long range movements.
Get your martial arts on fire with a Phoenix Fire Rope Dart.
  • Phoenix style Fire Poi head.
  • Head weight 160 grams.
  • 10 inch length of 2mm oval twist chain.
  • Stainless steel quicklinks.
  • Total rope and chain length 3.81 metres / 12.5 feet
  • Total weight 362 grams / 12.8oz
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