Kids Roller Skates - Glitter Pop - Size Adjustable - Crazy Skates


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Get the kids outside and active in the SUN with our Glitter POP Roller Skates!

Children need to MOVE, teach them the awesome art of Roller Skating or better yet get yourself some adult skates and join them!

Through Rollerskating kids learn key gross motor skills, practicing their BALANCE, building muscles and stamina while encouraging their self confidence!

If you're in Cairns drop in store at Earth Toys, we can size fit your kids to find the perfect roller skates for years of outdoor FUN!

Roller Skate Features:

  • Internal 4 Shoe sizes adjustable fitting  
  • ABEC-5 Chrome Full Precision Bearings. Fast and a Smooth Roll.
  • Quality Urethane Toe Stops - for quick, safe braking and stopping.
  • A SUPPORTIVE BOOT | Strong and flexible hard boot, correct stiffness and support for skaters
  • Glitter Pop Skates are GLITTER Infused while the Black JAM Pop is plain 

Adjusting your rollerskates is easy! -

Just fold down the toggle on the heel of the boot and twist to move the toe inside the boot, as you twist the skate gets smaller or larger making the PERFECT FIT!

Safety First!

Don't forget to grab your Protexion Kids Tri-Pack - Knee Wrist & Elbow Pads and a Quality Kids Helmet.