Hazel Village Lucas Rabbit in Liberty Bow Tie Outfit


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Lucas Rabbit is one of the many woodland creatures from Hazel Village.  Each woodland creature comes with a lovely story which brings the toy to life.

Even though Lucas Rabbit’s real name is Lucas, his friends call him Pummy.  He says it’s because when he was a newborn and his sister was a toddler, she called him Pummy for some reason.  Anyway, his favourite activity is digging holes in the pond beach so he can make swamp forts.  

  • Lucas Rabbit is wearing a special outfit - some khaki shorts and a white top with a sweet liberty print bow tie.  
  • Made from gorgeous organic cotton
  • Children can remove clothing to play dress ups
  • The Hazel Village range of woodland stuffed creatures make perfect little friends for all ages, but please remove the doll’s loose clothing (hats, scarves, shoes and socks) before giving to an infant.