Kaloo Musical Zig - Rabbit


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He's music to your ears! Mini Zig is a gorgeous little bunny that plays a melodious tune when you pull on his wooden handle.

The "zig" straightens out and then "zags" back into place, all the while tinkling away. Soft, bright colours and rich velvety fabrics will stimulate the senses and charm baby. Little ties on the top of his head allow you to attach him to a cot, car seat or pram so he can be with baby wherever you are and never gets lost!

  • Gorgeous gift for a new baby
  • Offers a familar sound for baby to settle too
  • Great for creating a comforting sleep routine with baby
  • Dimensions: 20cm
  • All Kaloo toys are French designed and manufactured to strict quality and safety standards, meeting both European and Australian requirements.