Laughing Kookaburra Paperweight Whistle


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Did you know when you hear the chuckle of a kookaburra it is no laughing matter? Rather, it is a warning to other birds to keep clear of its territory.

The largest of Australia's native kingfisher varieties, its name, 'Kookaburra' is derived from the Wiradjuri* name 'Gugubarra'.

*An aboriginal dialect from the traditional custodians of the lands surrounding Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, known as Wiradjuri country. 

Each Songbird paperweight whistle is skilfully hand-shaped from clay, fired, then hand-painted by our team of creative artisans in northern Thailand. Because of their handmade nature no two birds are the same, making them even more unique and characterful.

  • Featuring a single note whistle.
  • Presented plastic-free, in a fabric gift bag with story card.
  • Designed in Australia
  • Ethically handcrafted in Thailand

Please note our paperweight whistles are:

  • not intended for use as a toy 
  • not suitable for children under 5 years