Peruvian Native Flute - Large


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Soothing and magical to play.

Made in Peru, this flute is traditionally crafted and is soothing and magical to play. This flute is held in front of the player and is played similarly to a recorder with 5 open finger holes forming the scale. These flutes are tuned to a pentatonic scale which makes playing cohesive sounding melodies easy regardless of music theory knowledge or experience.

These flutes will be sure to soothe and enchant you, bringing you back to nature and ancient times. Small enough to fit in a bag or backpack, they make the perfect company for hikes through nature and waterfalls.

They are a mid-octave flute with warm and rich tones. Finger holes are relatively closely spaced to make playing easy and achievable for anyone. Minor adjustments in pitch can be made by moving the bird forward (sharper) or backward (flatter). If the flute is sounding whistley or raspy the bird may need to be adjusted. Be sure not to cover the soundhole block completely and shimmy the bird back and forth until the sound is coming through cleanly and smoothly.

These flutes are traditionally crafted from jacaranda wood and slight variations will occur in the grain, knots, and finish – making them all one of a kind.

  • Comes with a protective bag made of a colourful Peruvian tapestry design fabric
  • Length: 50-52cm
  • F# Key
  • Handmade in Peru

Native Flute Care & Maintenance

Like most wooden instruments Native Flutes are fragile and need to be cared for in order to keep their quality of sound and appearance. Following these simple and basic instructions will help to ensure you have a flute that will play to your delight for years to come.

Here are some tips and advice to care and maintain your flute.

  • Moisture
  • It is recommended to limit playing time to 20-30 minutes per day as this helps prevent over-saturation with moisture from your breath.
  • Leave the flute to dry naturally. Do not use any heat or drying equipment as this can cause the wood to crack if dried too quickly
  • Always ensure your flute is dry before storing it in a flute bag to avoid the growth of bacteria and mould. The exact time needed will depend on the humidity in your area, but 2 to 3 hours is usually sufficient.


  • Avoid storing your flute in direct sunlight or in a hot car. A flute left in the sun or in a hot environment runs the risk of cracking. Best to keep your flute at room temperature.


  • These beautiful flutes are finished with wax. We only recommend wax as oil will sit on wax. The maker uses Danish Wax, a type of furniture wax, but you could also use Bee’s Wax. It's recommended to recoat your flute with wax at least once per year to help keep a protective layer on the timber which protects it from the elements, changes in temperature and humidity.