Schleich – Dragon Diver


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A NEW schleich Dragon to add to your collection!

The legendary Dragon Island is located far off the storm-lashed coast of Eldrador. Only a handful of men have been there - and even fewer have returned alive. They all tell tales of terrible dragons. The Diver is probably one of the deadliest. Sailors are terribly afraid of it, because it hides underwater before bursting out to attack with powerful jaws that can tear entire ships apart. Arrows and spears can't penetrate its scaly skin, meaning sailors are almost defenceless against its attacks. An old pirate once said that the Dragon Diver can only be soothed by the sound of beautiful singing. But who would dare to sing while staring into a mouth filled with razor-sharp teeth? Fun Fact: 

  • The Diver can even unleash its powerful dragonfire underwater.
  • Handpainted Quality Schleich Figure
  • Collectable
  • For 3 years +