Schleich – Warrior With Griffin


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Today, Atokay is entering the combat arena with his griffin.

All that people can talk about is the big battle and the legendary Griffin Rider, who has already defeated many opponents. Atokay is not afraid, because he is well prepared. He is wearing a new set of armour which he made himself specially for the battle in the arena. The new armour allows him greater freedom of movement. His sword and battle sickle are also new - two weapons that are perfectly suited to close combat in the air. The griffin is also wearing armour to protect him against claws, teeth and sword thrusts. His own weapons - his long, pointed beak and powerful front claws - are so fearsome that all his enemies tremble to behold him. But it is said there is a foe who can beat Atokay and his griffin. Atokay smiles beneath his helmet. He is confident of victory because he doesn't fear anything.

Fun Fact : Atokay's griffin also has new armour for close combat - studded with dangerous blades.