Stunt Kite - Black Widow


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Here we're talking performance plus. The Widow has tricks to match some kites in the $200 bracket. It doesn't matter if you are a experienced flyer or a beginner, these will blow you away. - A Sister Kite to the Tiger -
"I didn't think it was possible to get this level of performance from kites in this price range."
Bob Dawson - Australian National Champion.
A very hot kite. It comes complete with good lines on solid handles,instructions,and heavy duty carry bag.
It has a 5mm tubular fibreglass frame, Molded Kiteck fittings and top-quality ripstop nylon sail.

Kite Type:
Stressed-frame swept wing deltas are the new breed of high performance budget priced kites. They are US designed but made in China to exacting specifications. This gives you the performance of Farrari with a Corolla pricetag!

  • Winds: 5 kph to 25 kph
  • Ages: Beginner to Experienced Adults
  • Size: 1.50m wingspan
  • Materials:
  • - Appliqued 40d Ripstop Sail
  • - 5mm Stressed Fibreglass frame
  • - 45kg Lines on Handles
  • - Moulded Kitech fittings
  • - Permanent Nylon/PVC Carrybag