Tiny Seed by Eric Carle


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Carried from its flower home by the autumn wind, a tiny seed travels around the world.

Its journey is perilous, and the reader learns the fate of fellow seeds: they can fall into the ocean, be burned by the sun, or be eaten by birds. Even those seeds that land and begin to grow are in danger of being stepped on or picked. Against the odds, however, this tiny seed survives to grow into a grand, beautiful flower, ready, in turn, to send its seeds out into the world on the wind.

Weaving in themes of perseverance and hope, Eric Carle, favorite author/illustrator of such best-selling picture books as The Very Hungry Caterpillar and A House for Hermit Crab, has created a joyous demonstration that nature is a miracle we cannot take for granted. Brightly colored collage pictures bring the narrative to life, inviting young readers to share the tiny seed's exciting journey. Carle also provides basic information on the seasons and the life cycle of plants, making this a good introduction to beginning science projects and an enticement to students to further explore the natural world.