Windspeed Eagle Children's Kite


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Get outside in the SUN and the Fresh AIR with the kids and fly this amazing Eagle Kite!

Nature Kids and Animal Lovers will be facinated by this realistic Eagle Kite as it dives and swoops around in the sky!

  • Kite flyings is such a JOY
  • Easy to fly in a wide wind range.
  • Unplugged family time!

Kite Infomation

  • Wingspan - 1.85M
  • Ages - 6 - 96 years young
  • Winds - best if flown in light to moderate winds
  • Complete with quality flying line and handle/winder
Kites are a great way to encourage children to play outside. Reducing screen time, flying kites is great for health. Great exercise, kites help develop hand eye coordination, gross motor skills and kinaesthetic awareness. Flying kites is a fantastic outdoor activity to promote family bonding.