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Why We Choose Hevea Natural Rubber Bath Toys?

Why We Choose Hevea Natural Rubber Bath Toys?

These all natural bath toys are the natural choice for all babies.  Each toy has a texture that baby will love to hold and parents can rest assured that when the toys are soaked in baby's bath water, sucked and tasted that baby isn't getting any toxic substances from any plastic. We also love that the toys don't have any holes in the bottom, so no water can get in to go mouldy.
  • 100% natural rubber - sustainably produce - BPA, phthalates and PVC free,
  • No added colours or synthetics,  
  • No perforations/hole in the bottom - eliminates grime and mould build up inside,
  • Soft and tactile to the touch.
  • The stylish packaging is made from recycled and biodegradable materials  
  • Size: Toys range from 5cm to 8cm(H)


Did you know that most commonly bought rubber ducks are actually made from yellow polyvinyl
chloride - Hevea ducksare made from natural rubber taken from the Malaysian rubber tree!
Most high street rubber/plastic bath toys have holes in the bottom so that when they’re squeezed
they return to their original shape.But this also lets warm dirty water into the duck, which is the ideal
breeding ground for mould and bacteria.
Don’t believe us? Open up a bath toy and you’ll find dirty black gunk inside…
Like all experts, we agree that that exposure to germs is good for a baby’s immune system – but the
dirty bath water stored in hollow plastic ducks has fecal matter, e.coli, mould and mildew swilling about.
Choosing a plastic duck without the hole, however, isn’t the perfect solution. Plastic ducks - indeed most
plastic toys - contain Bisphenol A or BPA, which helps to make plastic soft, clear and shatterproof. 
There’s a growing pool of research suggesting BPA disrupts the body's hormone system and can
cause cancer, heart disease and diabetes. BPA is banned from baby feeding bottles by the EU, but
not bath toys yet. Our range of Hevea bath toys on the other hand, are made from 100% natural
rubber – there are no holes, no bugs, no plastics and no BPA. The only risk is to your clothes 
from all the splashing.