About Earth Toys

Hello and Welcome

Earth Toys is owned by Bree and Brad. We are a family run Toy Store operating since 2011 in Cairns Far North  QLD. We LOVE what we do and are here to help you choose wonderful toys & gifts.

We offer high quality, educational & eco-friendly Toys, Games, Books and more, with a gorgeous store front shop in Cairns and an online store that ships Australia wide.

As a team we are passionate about PLAY and CONNECTION and enjoy sourcing the globe for extraordinary toys, games and activities.

Our collection of toys are big on creative & open ended playful experiences that allow children and adults to just be in the moment and enjoying playing and learning together as a family.

We feel play and the toys we surround our children with should nourish our life, invite your imagination to come alive, your laughter to roll and create awesome memories for your own family and friends without costing the Earth.

  • Earth Toys stock over 5000 quality toys, games, puzzles, science & craft kits, outdoor toys and more!


What we look for in toys and games:

  • Quality and durability first and foremost ( can it last the true test of play? )
  • Clever toys that inspire children to think ( we are raising the next generations of thinkers! )
  • Active toys and outdoor games to get children out in nature 
  • Unique and beautifully handmade toys, special keepsakes to be passed down through the family
  • Eco Friendly & non toxic toys made from natural materials where durable
  • Sustainable practices & ethical trade!

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      Playfully - Bree & Brad

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