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Celebrating Quality, ECO Friendly and Ethically made Toys and Games that inspire the Imagination!

Wooden Toys

Earth Toys stocks a large range of Beautiful and Quality Wooden Toys, made to LAST and withstand generations of real play

Wooden Toys are Eco Friendly, promote a connection to NATURE for children and can be passed down through the family as heirloom toys.

  • Check out our Blog on The benefits of Wooden Toys!

  • Wooden Toys Earth Toys
    Wooden Toy Sword

    1 review
    Wooden Bells Shaker - Earth Toys
    Dovetail Wooden Doll House

    2 reviews
    Finska Game - Earth Toys - 1
    Geo Junzo - Earth Toys
    Magnetic Coloured Fishing - Earth Toys
    889 results