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Quadrilla Marble Run - The Ultimate Educational Toy

Quadrilla Marble Run - The Ultimate Educational Toy

The Quadrilla Marble run is one of our all time favourite toys for the awe inspiring play it creates along with it educational value.

Quadrilla is a award winning system of wooden blocks, tracks and accessory pieces that create a path for marbles to travel down. Beautifully crafted wooden tracks and a rainbow of coloured blocks, each with a different function, are the starting point for an infinite number of designs.

The construction possibilities are only limited by your child's imagination!


I Love how the innotive design of the Quadrilla is so intelligent in its simplicity

Unlike more commonly found plastic marble runs, The Quadrilla's wooden pieces do not click together, they simply slot on top of each other, this dose mean that it can fall over if pushed, which may lead to frustrations at first however also teaches the child to be more careful, patient and means this marble run is more robust as there is no small plastic clips to brake!

I Love how Children must continue to use their problem solving skills  while they are playing with the Quadrilla,

After they have constructed their marble tower, children will then need to continue to think when a piece is not perfectly in line and a marble goes flying off its tracks, the child must then use trial and error to discover where the issue is and fix it to continue playing


This award winning educational toy will provide countless hours of learning and entertainment, challenging children's observation, thinking, and problem solving skills.

  • Quadrilla is ideal for motor development
  • Keen obersvation skills
  • Hand eye co-ordination
  • Colour recognition
  • Problem solving

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 More Great features of the Quadrilla

  • Each Quadrilla set contains an instruction booklet to introduce you and your child to the basic principles of playing with Quadrilla
  • The booklet also includes a variety of tricks and tips on how to make connections between blocks and tracks
  • Made from sustainable wood
  • Non Toxic safe paints
  • Comes in 5 Great packs to collect

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