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Educational Eco Science Kit

Educational Eco Science Kit


The Educational Eco Science kit by Green Science is one of Earth Toys store favourites!

Recycled play to help save our Earth! With this educational kit kids can use every day waste to create fantastic science toys. There are 7 different science toys to make, the set includes a 12-page colour booklet with full instructions and fun science facts!

  • Age: 8+

What You Get with our 4M Kidz Labs Green Science Eco Science Toys Kit

Make all these eco science toys with this kit :
  • CD Racer
  • Gravity Robot
  • Hover Disc
  • Cartesian Diver
  • Tornado Tube
  • Shopping Bag Parachute
  • Space Sound Walkie Talkie
  • Detailed Instructions

A Eco Science kit Review by Jolene on the Tornado Tube :

The Eco Science Toys kit by Green Science has a wonderful array of items to transform your everyday rubbish into something much more magical.
Milo, 8, decided to get to work on the Cyclone in a bottle experiment first, as this is what excited him most. Within the kit were two red nozzles that fit onto used plastic bottles. We used the 2 ltr size, because bigger cyclone, the better, right?!
We filled the bottle about two thirds full of water, leaving enough air to create a vacuum pull thus creating the cyclone. You could also try adding glitter or food dye to make the effects more visual.
Now with the water in the bottom bottle, we screw the top bottle on via the red connector. Then tip upside down and watch the magic happen. It took us a few goes to get the water swirling. With a little effort a vortex is created, making it easier for a stream of air to pass through, creating an awesome cyclone in a bottle.

A really cool experiment for our kids!





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