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Celebrating Quality, ECO Friendly and Ethically made Toys and Games that inspire the Imagination!
Introducing Kinfolk & Co - Australian Made Environmentally Conscious Play

Introducing Kinfolk & Co - Australian Made Environmentally Conscious Play

Earth Toys loves finding the unique, innovative creators to share with you all

We are super excited to introduce to you Kinfolk & Co.

This brand is a family-owned Australian small business. 

They produce early learning and play resources that are:

  • Ethically-made out of recycled and plant-based materials.
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic.
  • Nature-inspired.
  • Packaged using only compostable and recycled materials.
  • Australian made and small-batch produced.

"We welcome you to share our passion for sustainability and bespoke treasures that enwrap families in a world of play, discovery and adventure." - Kinfolk

Earth Toys now stocks Kinfolk Eco Bubble Wands and Eco Cutter Sets!

Eco Bubble Wands by Kinfolk

All Eco Bubble Wand shapes are inspired by nature.

Bubble play is a beautiful, immersive way to nurture sensory learning and motor skills, while establishing hand preference, encouraging imagination and language skills to describe the enchanted world they are creating.


Eco Cutter Sets by Kinfolk Pantry

Each piece is designed from recycled wood mill sawdust, and plant-based biodegradable plastic.


 As they are made in small batches, each of these eco-friendly dough cutters has its own unique charm and character.


These cutters are suitable for use with playdough or cookie dough. 

See our full collection of Kinfolk Pantry play accessories here, or come into our Cairns store and check them out.