6" Baby Djembe


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6" Baby Djembe

Designed with a long lasting head that will arrive to you fully tuned. They are a real instrument and will offer years of djembe fun. All shells are unique as the timber colour slightly varies. This djembe also features a tuning rope around the base of the drum that can be used to tighten and tune the skin to your taste. These Djembes are good value for money offering good sound from a product that is made to take a beating.
This djembe is like a mini version, but is still totally playable, making this a great portable percussive prop for festivals and events too. 

3 Skin Colours

Sunset - Ocean - Earth


  • Warm tones
  • Consistent sound
  • Unaffected by temperature
  • Mahogany timber creates warm tones
  • Super long life
  • Easy to tune and maintain
  • And sound totally awesome


  • Origin: Java - Indonesia
  • Weight: Varies for each individual drum 
  • Height: 30cm approx
  • Head Diameter: 15cm approx