Kubb Wooden Outdoor Game


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This wooden Kubb Game is the perfect outdoor family game for summer, BBQ's or backyard parties!

Get the entire family and your friends outside together to enjoy this traditional Nordic game, expect lots of laughter, strong competing behaviour and simple old fashioned FUN!

How to Play KUBB -

The rules are simple....  Think a cross between chess and tennis.....

You have two teams, 5 pawns (KUBBS) each and the KING in the centre. Each team takes turns to throw the baton to try to knock down the opponents kubbs, once completed then you go for the KING!

Sounds easy.... but getting the right aim to knock down certain peices is an ART. There will be cursing, cheering and laughter with the missed throws!

We LOVE KUBB because its a great family or community game, young kids can join in, with their tiny attemps at throwing the log ( soooo cute ) through to adults, great friends at a party with a few drinks and even the grandparents. Great outdoor fun at its finest.

What is it made from and how to care for your game set -

The original Kubb set is crafted from eco-friendly birch (a shock resistant durable hardwood) and comes in a durable nylon carry-bag.  All timber pieces and edges are sanded smooth.  

Over time, your original Kubb will enjoy a light rub with danish or equivalent timber oil from time to time to preserve and protect.

Contents, Size & Weight:*

  • 1 King (7cm x 30cm)
  • 10 Kubbs "soldiers" (5.5cm x 15cm),
  • 6 throwing batons (3.5cm x 30cm)
  • 4 corner posts
  • Official Kubb by Planet Finska rule sheet.
  • Weight: 4.5kg


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