Moulin Roty - Bedtime Stories Game


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New for 2016 the bedtime stories game is a fun idea by renowned french toy designers Moulin Roty. 

  • Brand - Moulin Roty
  • Suitable From - 4 Years, 5 Years
  • Material- Cardboard
  • Dimensions - Box L 19.5cm x W16cm, D 3.5cm

This game is designed for ages 4 and over and can be played by 1 - 4 players. 

The object of the game is to create a story using the story cards selected to make a fun and imaginative tale involving all the characters, objects, places and animals included within the players chosen cards, beginning with 'Once Upon A Time...'.  A dice is then thrown to determine the weather and to begin the next player's story using all their story cards and play continues like this enabling children to use their imagination and to be creative.  A great game for encouraging children to create stories and ignite imaginations.