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What is it?
A 3D slinky?
A mesmerizing kinetic sculpture and an interactive "flow toy".
It folds down in a spiral direction to form a ring of rings and with a subtle movement, it pops open into a full torus of interconnected rings, surprising everyone. Slide your hand inside and the Toroflux will cascade along your arm in liquid momentum. 
Whether you're 3 or 93 years old, everyone can get a thrill out of the Toroflux.
Especially good for kids' warm-up classes and ice-breakers. Start in a circle of people and roll the Toroflux from one person to another without stopping. Guaranteed to put a smile on everyone's face.
Comes with a mini-biner, so you can easily clip it to your bag or belt loop and bring it everywhere to share and spread the fun
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