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Our Top 14 Board Books For Toddlers

Our Top 14 Board Books For Toddlers

top board books for kids

 Its no secret that we are massive book lovers!

At home its one of our all time favourite thing to do, not only its reading books to your children great for them to learn new words, it also encourages bonding time, listening skills, word comprehension and so much more.
However ' Good ' Books can be hard to find in the mass's of titles on the shelves at your average book store so we have compiled a top 14 list that are well enjoyed in our home and are always best sellers at Earth Toys.

Our Top 14 Board Books for Toddlers and Young Children


Brown Bear Brown Bear

Brown Bear is my favourite First Book for kids! So beautifully written and illustrated with great repetition, rhyming words, colours and new animal words & sounds to explore.

brown bear board book


Each Peach Pear Plum

This book has been sold internationally for 50 years! It is such a beautiful and classic story and a must have on any young child's book shelf!
board books for toddlers

The Hungry Caterpillar 

This classic story book for young children is most probably your first go to when exploring reading with toddlers, beautifully illustrated, it explores counting, the days of the week and learning new words, we watch the day to day life of a Caterpillar as it grows and eats its way to cocoon and through to a beautifully butterfly. 


hungry caterpillar



We are Going on a Bear Hunt

A favourite for young readers for over 25 years, Story follows a family as they go searching for a Bear, a real adventure story!


we are going on a bear hunt



Where is the Green Sheep

Green Sheep is is a repetition book that explores shape, colour, size and is just such good fun! Another must have <3
green sheep


Snail and The Whale

This is a all time favourite of ours, so so beautiful! The story follows a snail as he adventures around the world on the tale of a whale, it explores the idea that no matter how small you are, you can do great things and be very helpful and that sometimes even big things need help too.
snail and the whale

Room on the Broom

We Looove this Book, often comes in a gift pack with Snail on the Whale, both equally as beautiful and engaging. This story explores friendship. A must have for ages 2 to 6 years!

room on a broom


The very Cranky Bear

This Cranky Bear wants to sleep in peace when 4 unlikely friends wander into his cave.
This Board Book will be a sure favourite with children 2 to 5 years!
the very cranky bear


This story follows the imagination of two children as they play at home.
So beautifully illustrated, children will love to explore the pages!
imagine book

Who Sank the Boat

Another great book by Pamela Allen, this story is about 5 friends on a boat but which one sank the boat? Simple and Repetitive, perfect for young readers 2 to 5 years.

who sank the boat


Owl Babies

Such a sweet simple story and the pictures are beautiful. This short story is for younger readers, 1 to 4 years will enjoy the simplicity of the story as the 3 owl Babies wait for their mother to come home.
owl babies

Magic Beach

Written and illustrated by the same Alison Lester that created Imagine, this story is a absolute bestseller and a favourite for Australian families for over 20 years. The story follows a family's day at the beach and how the imaginations of children really come alive!
magic beach

The Gruffalo

Gruffalo follows a day in the life of a vulnerable little mouse in the woods and how he outsmarts the other animals in the wood that want to eat him. Very clever and fun! For ages 2 1/12 to 6 years

Ten Little Fingers & Ten Little Toes

As everyone knows, nothings is sweeter then tiny baby fingers and chubby baby toes, written and illustrated by two of the most gifted children's book creators, this story is a celebration of babies and the simple joy they bring.


ten little fingers and ten little toes

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