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Top 10 Toys for Baby

Top 10 Toys for Baby

Baby Toys

March is Baby Month here at Earth Toys!

For the first year your baby is as precious as they come, above all they enjoy being held, sang to and the simple things like going for a walk and watching the world go by. They do not need much but there is a few key items that are really fantastic for bub throughout their first year of play and can encourage their developmental milestones!

Here are our top Ten choices for Baby Toys

  • Baby Gym
  • Rattle
  • Mobile
  • Soft Books
  • Soft Ball
  • Rubber Teether
  • Cuddle Blankie
  • Pram Toys
  • Music Box
  • Putumayo music CD's for sleep routines

Babies are very sensory. Always be aware of what they are putting in their mouth, choose baby toys like our range that are non toxic and safe! 

Eco Baby Toys