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Toys to Travel

Toys to Travel

With school holidays among us it is sometimes nice to have a new toy to take along on our family travels. Something fun, entertaining, easy to use in the car, plane or on the train and packs away nicely in the suitcase.

 Below are some of Earth Toys top 5 Travel Toys!


1. Magnetic Playbook by Tiger Tribe


Tiger Tribe's Magnetic Play books come in a great range of styles, from Farm yards play scenes to Dinosaur lands, Pirates, Fairyland, Princess palace and much more. These magnetic playbooks are the perfect travel toy, Children become entertained for hours with this compact A4 fold out play scene, perfect for travel in the car, on the plane or at a cafe!


2. Tiger Tribe Doll House Box Set


Tiger Tribes Box Sets come in a great range of play scenes, from Doll house to Airports, Car Garages, Train Sets, Pirate and fairy play sets and much more, something to keep any child entertained for hours while traveling, in a cafe or even something nice and portable to take for sleep overs at the grandparents house!


3. 50 Games on the go Card Set


This is a great travel game option. There are 50 assorted games on these cards. Easy and portable, these games are sure to keep the kids entertained for hours while travelling. The games vary and can suit a wide range of ages; from the basics
like I Spy to some making up daft sentences based on the number plates of passing cars, to pointing out objects around that fit into a category that only you know and others have to guess, this game will keep you and your children busy for hours.

4. Washable Colouring in Book by Tiger Tribe


Tiger Tribes Washable Colouring in book Range are perfect for traveling n the Car, Long Plane Trips or even to take along to cafe Lunches! This Eco -Friendly re-useable set comes with 5 nontoxic markers that can be stored in the pocket of the book itself, Children will enjoy colouring in the pictures then just easily wash the book and colour again! 

5. Felt Finger Puppets Story Telling Set


Finger Puppets are a timeless creative entertainment and perfect for taking along on your travels as the set will even fit in your pocket or handbag! Children will enjoy using thier imaginations as they  create stories in the car or plane, finger puppets are even great for the cafe lunch!

Check out our complete range of portable travel toys here - http://www.earthtoys.net/collections/travel-toys