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4M Educational Science kits and The Smart Robot Review

4M Educational Science kits and The Smart Robot Review

Earth Toys is a proud stockist of the educational range of 4M Science Kits!

These science kits introduce different educational ideas to children, some of our favourite 4M Science kits teach children about Solar power, water purification, Astronomy, Magnets and robots!

The Smart Robot Review


The Smart Robot is one of many educational kits in the 4M Eco Science range. 

Children can build there very own Smart Robot, Assemble the pieces while following the instructions from the booklet included, build the motor and then watch as the robot speeds around the house, turning left or right like magic as it bumps into obstacles. No remote control or programming chips, its as if this robot has a mind of its own!

You could even make a maze to see if the Smart Robot can escape!

  • Recommend for 8 years + 
  • 1 x AA Battery required

The Smart Robot Review

by Anastasia


The robot science kit was very fun and fulfilling for all of our family. The instructions were very clear and concise,
and Lucy (9 years) was able to follow them and understand them. There were some challenges along the way where
we had to stop and think but that added to the fun and interest of it. Overall Lucy needed little help and in fact on parts
where I wasn’t sure how to do it she was able to persist and figure it out for herself. Once we turned it on and put it on
the floor was when the real fun started, it goes like crazy! We weren’t expecting it to have so much power and speed!
An added bonus is that it didn’t require any glue or hard screwing, so we are able to pull it apart and let another kid
put it back together again. Definitely looking forward to building more kits from the range!