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Quality Music Toys For Children

Quality Music Toys For Children

Earth Toys stocks a large range of Quality Musical Instruments for all ages.


From wooden baby maraccas, Japanese Asalato shakers to djembe drums for adults! We strongly believe that children deserve to be introduced to the world of music and rhythm with 'Real' Instruments not the 'music toys' most commonly found in major stores that when your child presses a button music comes out, these kind of battery driven 'Music Toys' only provide instant gratification and quick entertainment for children and do not provide your child with a healthy start to the world of music.

Music is about beats and rhythm and even silence, Children can get creative and learn to play with the sounds of their instrument or learn a favourite tune. You can not learn to play quitar well over night so why give your child a 'toy quitar' that sounds aweful? This only sets the child up for disappointment and may actually discourage them from wanting to learn and appreciate real music.

Explore the benefits of Music for children!

  • Music helps to encourage creative thinking and a means of self expression
  • Musical instruments encourages children's brain cells to make the connections needed for virtually every kind of intelligence!
  • Music is mathematical, children will learn to count different beats, rhythms and patterns and develop an understanding of how they interact 
  • Tapping banging and shaking toys that make different sounds helps to develop gross motor skills, fine motor skills and co-ordination
  • From a very early age Children can recognise a repetitive tune and beat, encouragement to emulate the sounds they hear helps to strengthen your child's ability to recall and remember
  • Participation by listening and learning different beats and tunes can help boost concentration and comprehension skills
  • Integrating words and lyrics into the sounds made by different toys can help build your child's vocabulary 
  • Through learning music theory, children will develop a deeper understanding of what music is, students will learn the value of sustained effort to achieve excellence and the concrete rewards of practice and hard work