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Flying Kites is Family Fun!

Flying Kites is Family Fun!

Kites are a classic family activity and for good reason!

Kite flying makes for a great family tradition, it requires no batteries and is active and full of energy. Some of my fondest childhood memories are full of flying kites with my family in a big open field. Running, jumping and laughing as we chased that run away kite. We are so happy to be stocking a great range of kites from easy beginner kites for the kids to quality stunt duel control kites for teenagers and adults to enjoy.

Learning to Fly a Kite

With a little quidance from mum or dad children a young as 3 can enjoy the fun of flying a kite. Kite flying is really a perfect outdoor activity for the whole family to get involved, Children from 5 years and up can really get into the basics independantly with one of our beginner and classic Diamond shapes kites. You can expect the first few time for children to let go of the string and watch as the kite goes flying across the field, but chasing after the run away kites is all part of the fun!

Picking your kite

Keep it simple to start with. For children under 7 i recommend starting with one of our single line beginner kites from the Windspeed range. We love the Cloads Diamond, Sunrise Delta and Monach Butterfly. Click on the images below for more information on each - 


For older children 7 years through to teenagers we love our great flying single line Sunrise Delta kitefrom Windspeed kites. For keen flyers to adults looking for a challange we love our duel control stunt kite from Windspeed kites. The SunFish -  Black Widow and our best selling Prism Stunt Kite
Click on the images below for more information on each - 


Pick your flying space and the best day

Picking a good site for kite flying is essential to success. Pick a nice open field with good exposure from all directions such as a open sports field or park. Not only are trees and buildings a sure way to ruin or lose your favourite kite they also create turbulent areas of strong updrafts that can make flying your kite next to impossible. Beaches and lake side is also a prime location for kite flying as the open
body of water will usher in steady and undisturbed breezes perfect for flying your kite. Picking the day to fly your kite isnt always easy to pick, having your kites safely stored in your car for any occasion is a great idea, you never know when the wind will pick up. The sky should be clear with no rain in sight, the wind should be blowing in the tree tops visably and fairly steadily. 

Some safety with kite flying

Avoid trees and buildings - While trees and buildings upwind can obviously block the wind making it
impossible to fly, downwind trees are notorious for "eating" kites as they create turbulence which affects
your kite's ability to stay aloft. Once a kite is in a tree, do not climb the tree to retrieve it, the upper and outer branches where your kite is likely to be will not support the weight of a person, and you can fall and be hurt very badly. Also, as most people know, while climbing up a tree can be exciting, it is much more difficult to climb down!

Avoid overhead power lines - Overhead power lines are extremely dangerous and carry high voltage that is very hazardous. It is very important that you avoid overhead lines, and if your kite or kite line ever finds itself crossing a power line, you should not try to retrieve it yourself. Even kite line slightly damp from humidity
can conduct electricity. Carbon spars on many high-end kites are also very conductive. Leave your kite where it is and contact the local power company to assist you.

Avoid roads and crowds - Kites are dependent on the wind, and that is the one thing you as a kite flyer have no control over. Wind often dies suddenly, and a kite falling from the sky can be dangerous to unsuspecting bystanders or damage other people's property. Kite line laying across a road after a kite falls can be dangerous
to you and the cars traveling on the road.