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Why we stock Recycled Plastic Toys

Why we stock Recycled Plastic Toys

At Earth Toys we are very proud to stock a leading range of

Plastic Toys made from 100% recycled Milk bottles!

Plastic is a material made from oil through a long unsustainable process using many harsh and toxic chemicals. Yet still to this day plastic is one of the most accessible materials in terms of affordability. As our milk bottles are amde from BPA and PVC free plastic and go into the recycling bin, we need to reuse this material in order to save it from our landfill sites!


At Earth Toys we do not support cheap, mass produced plastic toys that may be made with toxic unsafe chemicals but we are big fans of reusing materials. We also appreciate some uses for plastic toys, Plastic as a materials is ideal for use in toys that are going to be used in water and the outdoors compared to wooden toys that take on water damage and can swell and rubber toys that are more porus and can take on mould if not cared for correctly, this is why we stock the fantastic plastic brand of Green Toys. Green Toys are made form 100% recycled milk bottles and are BPA and PVC free and perfect for water play!