We love our range of Eco Toys!

We love our range of Eco Toys!

At Earth Toys we are mad about sustainability, we stock a fantastic world class range of toys made from Eco Friendly, Non Toxic and sustainable materials, Check out our range of Wooden Toys, Bamboo Toys, Organic Toys, Recycled Toys and Solar Powered Toys!! 

What is a ECO Toy? When looking for our range of Eco friendly toys the first thing we consider is the material that its made from - 

  • We use FSC certified plantation wood for our toys - Re-newable - sustainable!
  • Re-newable bamboo - Bamboo is the fastest growing material on the planet, great for making beautiful & durable bamboo toys!
  • Many of our baby and soft toys are made from natural and sustainable Organic Cotton and Organic Wool
  • We stock a range called 'Green Toys' that are made from 100% PVC and BPA free Recycled plastic
  • Natural Rubber is a beautiful natural material great for bath toys and sensory chewable baby toys
  • We love Solar power and are proud to stock a range of science toys that are solar powered! Talk about education!

Then we look at the paints & oils on our toys

  • Most of the toys we stock have Non Toxic Paints, this is extremely important in infant and toddler toys as they are so sensory based and near anything ends up in their mouth, reducing toxic exposure for kids to the harmful chemicals in a lot of paints
  • Some of our handcrafted toys from Germany have Natural dyes soaked into the timber, i love this kind of colouring for toys, beautiful wood grains still come through on the toy and the colour can never be scratched off!
  • Beeswax is a fantastic way to finish and seal toys, beeswax is non toxic, 100% natural, renewable &water resistant and smells amazing!

    Lastly and most importantly Is the Toy made durable and to last?

    This for us is always the main factor when choosing toys for our store, eco aside, is this toy going to last through play? We want our toys to not only last through the play of one child but ideally to be past down through generations. This is a rare thought for most manufactures as most of products made today are designed to be disposable. We want to keep our toys out of landfill and in children's play boxes for generations. That's our goal

    Eco Toy Brands we love at Earth Toys!

    Ever Earth - Hape - Le Toy Van - Djeco - Im Toy - Tiger Tribe - Apple Park - Keptin Jr - Hess Spielsburg - Green Toys - Green Start - Janod - Grimm's Spiel und Holz

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