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Celebrating Quality, ECO Friendly and Ethically made Toys and Games that inspire the Imagination!
Wooden Play Kitchen Range at Earth Toys!

Wooden Play Kitchen Range at Earth Toys!

At Earth Toys we LOVE Wooden Toys and have found the sweetest wooden play kitchens for your kids to play and create with!

Children just LOVE to role play, the magical ART of childhood, where their imaginations go wild and they learn so much through play!

Our range of quality play kitchens provide hours of fun and learning.

Kids will play out their everyday scenes they have learnt from your family, cooking meals for the family, cleaning, problem solving, sharing and all while gaining key social skills! PLAY is LEARNING!


                       Children love playing with this sweet wooden play cash register!



Over the years we have sourced a beautiful collection of gender neutral play kitchens and accessories to share with you all.

This is something the Earth Toys family feel strongly about is that both boys and girls can play freely with our toys without any limitations by gender.


                            Childrens kitchen apron for cooking and play



    Some of our best selling home corner range include's

    • Toy Ironing Board and Clothes Line
    • Wooden Washing and Drying Machine
    • Children's Dust pan and Brush Sets
    • Tin Tea Sets and our classic wooden Party cake!

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