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Why choose a Balance Bike?

Why choose a Balance Bike?

Good-Bye Training Wheels and Hello Balance Bikes!

Training wheels are age old classic equipment for teaching young kids to ride a bike but since the invention of the balance bike it's just so EASY and intuitive for toddlers that balance bikes are becoming more and more of the popular choice!

What is a Balance Bike?

  • Balance bikes are specifically designed for toddlers 2 years through to age 5.
  • Balance bikes have two wheels and no pedals!

But how do Balance Bikes work?

The no-pedal approach is to encourage toddlers to learn to steer and balance first.

Once young kids can steer and balance on the balance bike correctly, pedaling comes easily and young kids can transition from the balance bike to a pedal bike more smoothly and without the need for training wheels!

Here are the Benefits of Balance Bikes over training wheels!

Toddlers Master One Skill at a Time

When you put a young kid on a bike, learning to pedal, balance and steer, all at the same time can be quite challenging!

With balance bikes, children are learning one skill at a time while feeling more confident and safe.

First toddlers are learning to sit on the bike and find their balance with their feet planted SAFELY on the ground. 

Then as they move forward they are learning to STEER.

Then as they get more confident with these movements they start to lift their feet off the ground and GLIDE and this is the BALANCING in action! 

Before you know it, your kid is riding up and down the street, pushing their feet and balancing their bodies!

After years of practising with the balance bikes, steering, gliding and balancing,  kids are ready for the BIG PEDAL BIKE without the need for training wheels


Our Favourite Balance Bikes for Toddlers

MicroScooters Metal Balance Bike

Quality metal Micro Balance Bike For Toddlers without the need for training wheels

Quality lightweight, sturdy balance bike for toddlers and preschoolers.

The Micro Balance Bike Deluxe is the newest in the line of high quality mobility products for toddlers and preschoolers. Micro are the World leaders in mobility and pride themselves on excellence of materials, design and workmanship.


Kinderfeets Wooden Balance Bike

Eco Friendly Quality Kinderfeets Balance Bike for toddlers to preschoolers

A Beautiful & Quality balance bike by Kinderfeet

Made from sustainable birch wood from a replenish-able source airless biodegradable tires. Adjustable, cushioned washable seat. Foot pegs to help children position their feet properly for cruising and to prepare for pedals. Ergonomically designed seat and handlebar position to encourage good posture and maximise comfort


Kinderfeets Trike to Balance Bike Combo!

The Kinderfeets Eco Friendly Balance Bike Trike Combo

The award winning Kinderfeets 2-in-1 balance bike and trike in a larger size.

It’s still same quality trike crafted from lacquered bamboo wood; just bigger. Possibly the most beautiful balance bike you've ever seen.

Children as young as 18 months can start with this larger Tiny Tot as a trike. With three wheels they can easily start to learn how to use their feet to get moving. When a parent feels their child is ready, the Tiny Tot Plus easily converts from a trike to a 2-wheel balance bike.


Try Bike - Trike to Balance Bike Combo

Quality Metal 2 in 1 Trybike Balance bike for toddlers

The first 2-in-1 tricycle balance bike made from steel makes learning to ride a bike fun!

The first setting is the low tricycle mode for 1.5 year old to 2 years, which offers young toddlers lots of support. You can then easily convert the tricycle to a balance bike, so that the next stage of riding starts. With the unique footrest, children learn balance, and consequently learn to ride a pedal bike without even using training wheels.

  • Suitable for children from 18 months up to 6 years.

The Trybike is a Quality trike and balance bike combo for toddlers!


 RECAP - Why Choose a Balance Bike

  • Balance bikes are specially designed for Toddlers, they are low bikes without pedals, designed to help toddlers practice balance and coordination before transitioning to a regular bike.
  • Balance bikes give toddlers a sense of control, make them feel safe and grow confidence and help them master one bike-related skill at a time.
  • Balance bikes get kids outside, moving their bodies, developing core muscles, promoting spatial awareness and balance.