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Cooking with Kids

Cooking with Kids

Cooking with Kids is Loud, MESSY, challenging, FUN and has amazing life long benefits for the entire family!

If you follow us here regularly you will know we are BIG on cooking with our kids!

They are part of the food process every single day, from choosing the fruit and veg at the markets or growing it at home, prepping it, creating new amazing dishes or making our fav recipes from cook books, our kids are involved every step of the way and they LOVE cooking and eat such an amazing variety of food.















 Earth Toys Kids Cooking

The PRIDE, and confidence they feel while eating and sharing food they made is a blessing to watch and be part of.

If you havent yet cooked with your kids i would suggest giving it a go. Let go of the idea that it needs to be clean, or go smoothly or be 100% successful, there will be spills and burnt food! 

But its all part of the process and teaches kids to persevere, problem solve and the LIFE SKILLS of how to cook healthy food for themselves and the ones they love!














Check out our range of Cooking Tools for Children instore here

Instore at Earth Toys we have a wonderful curated collection of cook books design for Kids with detailed step by step instructions.



    Usbornes Kids Recipe Book has beautifully illustrated and easy to follow recipes designed for children to follow and feel confident in cooking with assistance from their parents!

    Get cooking with your kids with this easy to follow recipe book


    Independence tools for the budding young chef!

    We have Children Knifes in two styles 

    • The amazing Kiddikutter for toddlers - KID SAFE as these special knives cut food but not fingers
    • and then beautiful Opinel Mini Chef Knife for older kids ready for a REAL BLADE but with added safety features such as a rounded tip and finger guides.

    The Kiddikutter knife is designed for toddlers and young children so it can not CUT FINGERS but cuts food with ease!



    We also have a great range of kitchen tools in Kid Size!

    • Gaters

    • Eco Cookie Cutters

    • Kids Cooking Aprons

    We hope this Blog has inspired your and your family to COOK some amazing healthy food together!

    - Bree and the 3 Toy Shop Kids