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Celebrating Quality, ECO Friendly and Ethically made Toys and Games that inspire the Imagination!
Earth Toys - Home of Wooden Toys in Cairns

Earth Toys - Home of Wooden Toys in Cairns

Find a beautiful range of wooden toys in Cairns at Earth Toys. 

There is something special about wooden toys, the simplicity, the texture, the smell. One of those special things you can keep forever, a keepsake for generation of children to enjoy. We hand pick our toys from around the world, special toys that are made from quality sustainable timber with non toxic paints, oils and even beautiful natural dyes.

Our top 10 Wooden Toys

The Wooden Truck

A classic wooden toy made to last and a special keepsake, we often get these wooden trucks bought as newborn or 1st birthday gifts and then they get the child's name carved into the bottom, priceless, classic, beautiful <3


Our Natural Dyed Wooden Stacker

    A fantastic educational toy for babies through to preschoolers, children learn to stack, encouraging hand eye coordination, differentiate colours and sizes

    Wooden Doll House

      We stock a gorgeous range of wooden doll houses for both girls and boys to enjoy, role play plays a special part in childhood learning,  children act out social behaviors, encouraging empathy, turn taking and many other social skills

      Wooden Walker and Prams

        You can not beat the classics, the wooden walker has been handmade in timber for toddlers for centuries and for good reason, children LOVE to push around little wagons, perfectly sized for small hands and great for transporting all sorts of little toys around the house, a must have for children aged 1 to 5 years

        Hand Carved Wooden Animals

        Beautifully handmade in Germany, i love the soft simplicity of these figures, they ignite imagination and story telling, each piece is carved from wood, unique and hand painted by artists. A special keepsake toy to pass down

        Shape Sorter

        The classic ' posting' toy, something about this toy that toddlers just love, children play by turning the pieces one by one until they fit into the holes, a great educational toy for  problem solving, encouraging hand and eye cooridination, shape reccognition and a understanding of shapes, colours and sizes

        Peg Pounder

        Beautifully handmade wooden toy, natural colours and made to last! Children use the hammer and pound the pegs down, a simple but fun to for young children, great for encouraging hand and eye coordination and working those little muscles!

        Wooden Bear and Robot

        These two, the bear and the robot are so special, so unique and two of my all time favourites. They are handmade from sustainable timber and make a very special gift for new babies.

        Wooden Stacking Toys

        Stacking toys are a favourite in our home, my top 3 wooden stackers would have to be the famous stacking rainbow, Stacking Chairs and classic blocks. All three of these toys have so much creative open ended play potential. Simply stack them up or get creative and use the blocks or arches as houses, tunnels, fences for animals, the options are endless and in my opinion a fantastic toy for young children

        The Classic Wooden Train Set

        A tried and tested classic. The wooden train set has been around for generations and you cant beat it. Children as young as 2 and up to 10 can enjoy the simplicity of role play with our train sets by Big Jigs, completely compatible with all major brand wooden train sets.

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