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Gathering A Garden Board Game

Gathering A Garden Board Game

What a Beautiful Board Game by Eeboo!

We LOVE board games, families sitting around the table together, taking turns, a bit of friendly competition, laughter, cup of tea or hot chocolate? Too good. Board games encourage good social skills, family bonding, create memories and are of course just good fun! Our new range of board games from Eeboo are the perfect introduction to the world of family board games for young children

  • Perfect for children 4 years and up
  • Beautiful quality pieces with gorgeous illustrations on the board
  • No plastic pieces!
  • Award Winning Game!
  • Encourages appreciation and understanding of gardens and nature
  • Great for learning social skills such as turn taking and communication

Object of the Game

  • Move around the board collecting garden items from each shop keeper and be the first to return to plant your garden!

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