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Our Top 12 Games for the Garden

Our Top 12 Games for the Garden

Outdoor play is becoming less and less common for our children yet it is more important then ever to get the children out from behind their screens and playing out in nature.

Running, jumping, laughing, its what children are built to do! They learn from this kind of play, developing problem solving skills, building muscle strength and coordination, and encouraging self-confidence through play.

A question i often hear from parents is what are children our NOT doing while they are stuck behind their screens? The world has so much to offer their curious minds, as parents we need to find that balance between outdoor active time with the family and screen time. Its important. This time spent outdoors effects us all physically, emotionally and intellectually.

Our range of outdoor games are classic, tried and tested games that exercise mind and body (not just thumbs). They are interactive in the real sense of the word and are a catalyst for family and friends to socialise, laugh and create memories together!

Our Top 12 Games for family fun are :

  1. Finska
  2. Kubb
  3. Rope Quoits
  4. Ring Toss
  5. Hookey
  6. Crocket
  7. Cricket
  8. Skittles
  9. Slackline
  10. Flying Disk
  11. Kite Flying
  12. Boules

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