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Celebrating Quality, ECO Friendly and Ethically made Toys and Games that inspire the Imagination!
Goodbye Summer, Welcome Autumn!

Goodbye Summer, Welcome Autumn!

Every season brings NEW changes in the weather, the garden, the land!

"I love focusing in, discussing and learning about our natural world with the children.
I feel like this isn't a FOCUS in our society! But it should be.....
Connection to NATURE, the seasons and the diverse world around us brings JOY to our lives."
We are looking forward to spending this beautiful Autumn Season strolling around parks of Cairns, splashing in the creeks and waterfalls of Far North QLD, playing games, arts and craft at HOME and enjoying picnics in this cooler weather!
slow down and celebrate nature with children

Celebrate the NEW Season by Reading and exploring the pages of our SLOW DOWN book!

SLOW DOWN is such a beautifully illustrated book filled with information about all the unusual curiosities of NATURE!
A must have on any nature lovers bookshelf.
slow down book earth toys

My First Orchard by HABA is our families personal recommendation for a first game for Toddlers.

  • Quality Wooden Pieces
  • Beautiful Illustrations
  • Learning Colours
  • How to follow simple rules and  instructions
  • Inspires a LOVE of Real Food and Nature

      My First Orchard by Haba Earth Toys 

      The Grapat Seasons Autumn set is a wonderful way to celebrate Autumn at home with young children!

      This set contains 27 carefully collated wooden pieces with inspiration from the colours and sentiment of Autumn. Grapat is a truely open ended toy and can be used in so many ways,
      only limited by the imagination of the child!

      This Autumn challenge older children to explore the many aspects and techniques of painting with watercolours.

      The detailed How to Paint Guide by Tiger Tribe will take your child through 16 different step-by-step lessons.
      Including -
      • Colour blending,
      • Mixing colours,
      • Wet-on-wet/wet-on-dry technique,
      • Layering, textures,
      • Experimenting with media and so much more!
      water colour painting in Autumnwater colour painting for kids

      AUTUMN is the perfect season for games and picnics in the garden!

      Make sure your utilizing this cooler weather to spend more time outside relaxing and connecting as a family.
      We have been starting the mornings with a game of CHESS after a yummy Breakfast!