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Celebrating Quality, ECO Friendly and Ethically made Toys and Games that inspire the Imagination!
Magnetic Play and Discovery for Kids!

Magnetic Play and Discovery for Kids!

At Earth Toys we LOVE teaching Science discovery and learning through PLAY!

MAGNETISM is like magic to kids, its fascinating and inspires STEM learning.

Playing with magnetic toys encourages conversations that will educate your children about the science of how magnets work.

    Add some magnetic fun to your Discovery play with our NEW Counting Coins and Magnetic Wands.

    • Ideal for playing in a sandbox or bowl of rice, spread the coins under the sand and watch your little ones discover them with the magnetic wand
    • Explore light and reflection with a light box and the counting chips
    • Use a piece of cardboard and draw a race track on it, hold the magnet on one side and the coin on the other to race the coins!
    • Use this play opportunity to ask the questions and explore magnetism with your kids, Which items are magnetic? Which are not?

    First up, we have Metal Rimmed Counting Chips by Learn and Grow Toys.

    These rust-resistant metal rimmed counters are a perfect addition to any sensory play tub.

    • Available in packs of 100
    • They are fantastic for colour sorting and counting.
    • The metal ring around the outside makes them easily attracted to magnets.

    LEARN & Grow Magnetic Wands are a great addition to the metal counting chips!

    Available in 6 great colours the Magnetic Wands are sold separately to the counting chips giving you the opportunity to purchase multiple wands or coins if you have more children.

      The Giant Horseshoe Magnets are also great paired with the magnetic counting chips.

      This Giant Horseshoe is a fantastic choice for young learners. It is large yet easy to hold with a cut out handle. Safe yet powerful, thiese magnets can be used for various magnetic experiments.

      If you are in Cairns, pop into Earth Toys and have a play with these new magnetic toys or buy them on our website for some education fun!