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This Weeks Top 10 Favourites for Baby & Toddler

This Weeks Top 10 Favourites for Baby & Toddler

For the first years your baby & Toddlers are as precious as they come, above all they enjoy being held, sang to and the simple things like going for a walk and watching the world go by. They do not need much but there is a few key items that are really fantastic for bub throughout their first years of play and can encourage their developmental milestones!

Rattle Rainbow Lenses

Made from wood with non toxic paint, this sweet rattle makes the perfect teething ring!
wooden baby rattle

Nalu Seahorse

Made from all natural rubber, great for bath time and works beautifully as a

teether for soft gums!

rubber teether for baby

PlanToys - Rattle & Roller

When baby crawls along rolling the tattle, the wooden ball inside hits the panel and creates a beautiful sound encouraging baby to move along

baby rolling wheel

Organic Cotton Monkey Blankie

Made from soft organic cotton they make the perfect companion for baby to snuggle up to!

organic baby blankie toy

Wooden Music Box - Child in the Moon

This beautiful handpainted wooden music box will sooth a baby or child to sleep.
A precious heirloom baby toy that can be handed down from baby to baby.

music box

Natural Bouncing Stacking Rings

A classic educational toy for young children, simply stack them on, learning colours, shapes, size and order.

wooden stacker

Hape Little Pounder

From the age of around 8 months to 4 years children will enjoy pounding the wooden pegs down and pulling them back up to start again.

baby pounding toy

Hape On the Farm Building Blocks 

You can not get more classic a toy for young children then the timeless wooden blocks, this gorgeous wooden play set is that and so much more with the colourful and fun addition of the farm design printed on the blocks.

baby wooden blocks

The Melody Mix - Store Favourite

The Melody Mix is a brightly coloured wooden activity toy that includes ten musical instruments in one unit – a xylophone, drum, tubular chimes, triangle, cymbal, bells, maracas, castanet, double guiro and a scraper, a pair of rhythm sticks and two drum sticks.

melody mix

Walk Along Doggie

Pull along toys help children to develop motor skills balance and movement and are the perfect gift for babies first steps!

pull along baby toy

Magnetic Fishing Game by Hape

Children use the magnetic fishing rods to dangle over the fabric sea and catch their wooden fishies! This game is fantastic for encouraging hand and eye coordination!

magnetic fishing game
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  • TIP - Babies & Toddlers are very sensory. Always be aware of what they are putting in their mouth, choose quality toys like our range that are non toxic and safe!