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The Benefits of Toy Rotation

The Benefits of Toy Rotation

Being toy store owners, we have our fair share of toys in our home and without tidy storage and toy rotation it easily become toy overload....

Here is how we manage it and why it works for us -
In our home, its all about baskets!
We have a few area's in our home that we use to store toys, one large storage cupboard for excess toys, books and crafts and then a couple of small bookshelves in the main play areas, each toy or activity has its own basket, this helps us to keep our home tidy and organised while also having the toys accessible for the kids and easy for us to switch the baskets around from the main play area to the storage cupboards
Rotating Toys your child has access to is not just great for tidy managment and your Sanitiy, it also have great educational benefits for your child!

Why we love Toy Rotation -

  • It keeps play fresh and interesting, when you pull out a toy or activity that's been in storage for a while its like a whole new toy again!
  • It allows for toy mastery and gives your child the opportunity to fully engage in their play and learning without being overstimulated by so many options
  • It keeps play age appropriate, allowing their learning to thrive
  • Too many toys can be a sensory overload and creates a cyclone of mess, rotating toys helps to keep the home tidy and organised
  • Keeping toys in specific baskets makes tidying up easy to understand and super quick and easy for kids
  • Children can explore more independence in their play, choosing the basket they want to play with, pull it out, make a massive mess of play and then easily throw it all back into one basket! 
  • The benefits of rotating also works wonders with books and arts and crafts!
Here are two fantastic images i found on Pinterest which shows toy rotation in action
Toy Rotation ideas
Tot storage ideas