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Celebrating Quality, ECO Friendly and Ethically made Toys and Games that inspire the Imagination!
Wooden Toys & Non Toxic Paints

Wooden Toys & Non Toxic Paints

wooden toys

We are big big lovers of wooden toys! Shocking... i know ;)

There is something so beautiful and timeless about wooden toys.

When we first began our toy store journey we were mainly stocking our shelves with just wooden toys, we have come along way since our first days but our big love of wooden toys has not wavered. We now stock over 300 beautiful wooden toys on our shelves!

They are so durable and just last and last, that's a big thing for me, keeping our children's toys out of landfill, i love that a lot of the wooden toys we sell today will be loved and kept in the family to pass down through the generations. If they brake they can often be easily fixed. I love how our range of wooden toys are non toxic, the paints used contain no BPA, PVC or any other toxic nasties, we buy toys that are FSC accredited meaning the timber used is sustainable sourced and ethically made! 

In the fast paced world we live in today, i take solace that the ' toys ' or tools we are engaging our children in promote open ended play, where their imagination is needed. There is no button operated instant gratification, a lot of our wooden toys promote problem solving and creativity. All that good stuff we want our children's minds to be engaged in!  

Wooden toys can be more pricey then their plastic mass produced counterparts but well worth ever dollar, the prices reflect the ethical and sustainable practices,  i am a big fan of the Buy Less, Choose well, Make it last attitude

Browse our massive collection of gorgeous wooden toys HERE

Pictures taken by us in our Cairns Toy Store Earth Toys

wooden animals

In short, 5 BIG reasons why we love our collection of wooden toys

  • The simplicity of the wooden toys design leads to endless imaginative play
  • Our wooden toys are safe for children with non toxic paints!
  • Our range is eco friendly as we buy wooden toys that use sustainable sourced timber
  • Our wooden toys are ethically made either over seas or here in Australia 
  • Wooden toys are so durable and can last for generations, they make beautiful keepsake gifts!


wooden balance bike

wooden puzzles

Wooden marble run

wooden stacking baby toy

wooden doll pram

wooden games