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Why are LYRA Pencils so special?

Why are LYRA Pencils so special?

LYRA Pencils are a favourite for the Earth Toys family and our most popular Pencil brand instore, here is why - 


  • They have the most vibrant colours and smooth leads, which are long-lasting and break resistant!
  • Made from sustainably sourced timber and non lacquered.
  • Lyra pencils have the option of a thick triangular grip for younger uses and thin pencils for older artists!
  • LYRA is one of the oldest colouring pencil brands in the world, creating quality pencils since 1806. They are world renowned and often loved in schools!

     Quality Lyra Pencils Earth Toys

    So.... lets talk a bit about each different Lyra pencil -


    • We stock the wonderful Colour GIANTS, they are the most popular pencils, have vibrant colours, are more affordable, have a large hexagon shape for easy grip and are sold individually or in sets.
    • Then we have the SUPER FERBY Waldorf Colours in sets of 6 or sets of 12. They have a triangler grip and a covered base, are unlacquered and do not include black in the sets. The colours are soft and whimsical and are favoured in Waldorf schools around the world.
    • The Lyra Rembrandt Polycolour are your standard size thin and round colour pencil, they come in sets and offer a larger range of colours and larger set size, they have brilliant and vibrant colour choices, are water and light resistant and the smoothness of the leads blend well and meet the highest quality artistic demands! Rambrendt pencils are available in sets of 6 , set of 12 , set of 24
    • Lastly but definitely not least we have they stunning LYRA RAINBOW Pencil, it has a hexagon shape, covered base and 4 colours included in one, this pencil makes a very sweet birthday gift for friends and stocking filler at Christmas!

      Quality Lyra Pencil Art Colour Giants and Super Ferby at Earth Toys
      We also have some art and drawing accessories by Lyra
      We have used LYRA Pencils at home and sold them in store at Earth Toys Cairns for the last decade and absolutely love them. 
      We are so proud to be a Lyra stockist and love that we can inspire the use of quality art pencils for children and hope you will enjoy using them as much as we do, too!

      - Bree and Family