Circus Snap


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Roll up! Roll up! A fun circus-themed version of the ever-popular card game, perfect for the whole family to play together.

Snap is a classic first game for kids, its FUN, its fast and many different ages can enjoy playing together.

How to play SNAP - 

First lay all cards face down in the centre, players take turns picking up a card and placing it next to the pile in the centre FACE UP showing the illustration, when two illustrations are the same it is then a RACE to see who can SNAP the cards to win that pile. Game ends when all cards are gone and the winner is the player with the most cards.

How to play Memory -

As there is more then one of each design in this card set you can also play the game of Memory by laying each card face down and taking turns attempting to remember where a double up of each picture is hidden.

  • A boxed set of 52 beautifully-illustrated cards
  • Dimensions:130 x 85mm


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