Finska Preemio Wooden Outdoor Game


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Finska is our all time favourite Yard Game, the perfect activity for your BBQ or Party!

Finska has this special ability to bring people together, having a laugh, competing and just plain and simple HAVING FUN! 

  • Finska Preemio is the premium version of Finska.

How to Play Finska - 

First assemble the wooden numbered game pieces together in a group and then, all players take turns standing at a point and using the throwing log, you aim at the numbered game pieces. 

When you hit a single number, that number is your point, if you hit a group you count up those numbers and write down your score for that round. FIRST PLAYER to 50 points exactly WINS the game!

If you go above 50 you start to count back wardwards for that round.....

Sounds simple right......WRONG, its so much more challenging to get that exact number then you may think and thats the funny part, everyone is laughing when you miss, cheering when they get that tricky number! Its GOOD old fashioned fun!

We LOVE this outdoor garden game because people of all ages can play, from toddlers throwing a tiny throw that hits nothing :) too cute!!! .... through to adults and grandma and grandpa!

  • Crafted from premium beech, Finska Preemio has a stunning high gloss varnish finish to provide added protection against grass stains and timber dehydration.
  • Crate artwork and numbers are fittingly branding ironed for that premium look. 
  • Great family game
  • Includes birch carry crate
  • 12 numbered pins
  • One finska throwing log and laminated rules and scorecard to protect against the elements.


  • set weight (3.2 - 3.6kg)
  • crate (30x22x18cm)
  • numbered pins (15x5.5cm)
  • throwing pin (22x5.5cm)
  • Minor variations in dimensions and colour will occur from set to set.


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