Hydraulic Gearbot Building Science Kit


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Learn through Play with this awesome Hydraulic Gearbot Catapult building set!

This Hydraulically operated and geared catapult is relatively easy to make, will amaze your friends and launch all sorts fo things in the name of scientific enquiry. 

Inspired by the crazy Rube Goldberg machines and neat gear mechanisms first illustrated by Leonardo da Vinci almost 500 years ago.

  • Awarded “2016 Toy of the Year“- for building kits by Creative Child Magazine!

Children are naturally curious, foster their love of learning with our range of awesome fun filled science and building kits!

  • We always have a few science and building kits in the cupboard to pull out as a rainy day activity!
  • #playtolearn
  • This building kit is perfect for children aged 8 years plus
  • A perfect educational activity for home learning ( home schooling ) and school projects
  • Children and adults will be learning History, Maths and building concepts