Kite - Monach Butterfly


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A Beautiful Flying Insect!
Like the other Single Line kites on the site, this is a beautifully sewn applique sail in brilliant colours that looks great in flight.
So realistic, I'm sure this will fool many a bird! Despite it's large sail, it needs a Medium Breeze to fly but is a high-aspect kite, it will fly very high in the sky.
Kite Type:
Hard to catagorise as the Monarch is not a Diamond nor is it a picks up the best of both! The long 3-strand tails on each wingtip give it good stability in stronger winds and the bridle point is fully adjustable for different wind strength....this gives you more days when you can fly it.... The 'fly is beautifully appliqued and really looks fantastic in also makes a great wall decoration when there's no wind to go flying!

  • Winds: Medium to Fresh
  • Ages: 4 years and Up
  • Size: 1.37m wingspan
  • Materials:
  • Appliqued Ripstop Sail
  • Solid Fibreglass frame
  • 25kg Line on Winder